#COURT CASE® episode 1


He was h!tting me so well. I was so much in the m0od. I couldn’t stop him neither could I stop myself. I have had multiple 0rgasms but I still wanted more. He was making me squirt for the first time.

I begged him to f*Ck me deeper and faster. He held my waist tight and hit harder. I was so much taken away by my own loud moans that I paid no attention to what was happening to him. I had forgotten he was an asthmatic patient.

All of a sudden when I was almost at the point of cumming, I saw him fall flat on top of me. I thought he had cum in me and was tired because he used to try that move anytime he cums in me. After some time, I realized he wasn’t moving neither was he talking to me.

I tapped him to see what was happening but he didn’t respond. I whispered his name but to no avail. I was getting nervous. I rolled him to the other side of the bed.

I held his chest and pressed him. I felt his chest to find out if his heart was beating but nothing was being felt. I whispered his name couple of times but Leonard wasn’t talking to me.

The sex drive left me all of a sudden. I was scared. I felt my body shivering like never before. Did he pass out or he is dead? None of these would be a better story to tell on my side.

Should I shout for help or try sneak out of the room. I was so confused as I walked up and down the room.

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Story continue in the next episode…

               AUTHOR-GHANA 🇬🇭 BA

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